The icons as below explain what I have worked on in both Korea and the U.S as a technical director/artist. Mainly, I used Maya Mel, Python for the development and used PyQt/PySide for UI. You can see and move on to each web page that explains the detail of each development by clicking each icon. Unfortunately, I cannot share many codes because of the copyright. But you can contact and ask me personally.

Animation Pipeline (Shotgun API)  

Jin Rigging Tool(Mel script)

Shotgun and Shotgun toolkit are widely used in Animation, VFX and Game industry thesedays. This is how I have implemented the animation pipeline.

This project is about character animation RnD. One skeleton can be used for key frame animation and motion capture at the same time. It can build huge character motion database.

FX Library(Python/PyQt)   Pre-Viz Tool(Mel script)

This is the FX preset library, which can import ready-made FXs. So artist can modify them easily. Moreover, it offers a guideline for artists to save time.

This project was for Pre-Viz pipeline. Cameras and props were made by actual size. And Maya HOD displays all camera information.

Fume FX   Render Manager(Python/PyQt standalone)

Maya FumeFX test and implements

The local render management tool for Maya and Adobe After Effects. It was made by Python Standalone and PyQt.

Character FX (Hair & Cloth)   Particle Goal R&D(Python)

This is the development for CG Hair and cloth FX, which I studied and worked on for many projects.

By controlling particle goal value, all particles can move to object by object with nice visual trail.

Particle Instance for Debris FX(Python/PyQt)

  Maya Fluid Vector Light(Python/PyQt)

This is the particle Instance tool for automation. It has several functionality, which are to control self collision, rotatePP and scale to make the particle naturally moving.

This script is to match two light system between fluid inner light and main light in Maya scene by calculating XYZ vector value.

Motion Library(Max script + Python)


FBX Converter (Max script)

All Biped animation in 3ds Max can be managed in Motion Library for animators. And animators can review and assign it to their characters right away.

An amount of 3ds Max files need to be converted to FBX files for a Game project. This script can help artists convert them shortly and automatically.

VR Archtecture (Stingray engine)


Cube Generator(Mel script)

The data from Revit, Building design software, with 3ds Max can create realistic building models and it can be interactive content in Stingray engine for VR.

This script can pick up color/contrast value from textured objects and manipulates driven objects from the value.

Viewport Rednerer(Python/PyQt)



Maya viewport render script. Artist can render a opened Maya files with the render view port with selected camera frame by frame.



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