In this page, this is the breakdown of what I have done for each project chronologically. Usually, I had multi position for each project and I wrote down what I have done mainly. All movies in this web page belong to each company that I worked for. So please do not link and share.


Brainzoo Studios    2011-2014

Position: Character TD, Pipeline TD and FX artist

Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United

This project was for DVD and Blur-ray animation series from Marvel studios. It is already well-known as comic books and many studios made a lot of animation series and movies. Brainzoo Studios also worked on one of the animation series. My main position for this project was FX artist and RnD developer. Most of FXs were explosion, dust and debris FXs by using Maya fluid and nParticle system. And sometimes, I used Paint Effects with some functionality in Maya.

Pepe & Lucas

This short film was created by Brainzoo Studios. My task was to create entire character hair and hair simulation. Also I created some FXs for this film. I made some script to control the CG hair animation and styling. And I did some character rigging as well. This short film won many festivals fortunately.

Tera cinemetic

This game cinematic was for Tera online game, developed by Blue hole Studios in Korea. I worked on FXs for this project. We converted from low polygon data to high polygon data for the cinematic. And we had very little time to finish it. So I focused on making high quality FXs for the several main shots.

Macrograph Co. 2006-2008

Position : Animator, Rigger, Pre-viz, and Camera Tracking Artist. Cloth team assistance.

The Forbidden Kingdom

My task for this project was to create the entire hair and whip animation for the actress, her hair was being used as a weapon in the movie. It was challenging because the hair simulation outputted unexpected and irregular results, not to mention the quantity of hair for the actress. As a result, all of the animators animating the hair needed to use standard values to keep it under control. There were times where I would form her hair shape manually using nurbs curves.
I have also done camera tracking, to match the animation with the movie. I used Boujou camera tracking software and manual tracking to accomplish this. My biggest task was Pre-visualization. I was able to travel to China to work with the director and VFX supervisor of the film and I developed a Pre-viz tool.

The Restless

In this project, our team created CG characters to replace the real actors, and there were many crowd shots. Realistic animation was needed for all of the CG characters in the crowd shots and motion capture was the method used to capture this effect. I edited motion capture data and retargeted it to the CG characters in the film. I assisted the cloth team by using Qualoth, developed by FX Gear Co. in Korea. I worked a few times with the R&D team to make crowd shots by editing uniform motion, like running, standing, and attacking.

Silkroad Online Game Cinematic

I did motion capture for this project. I edited the motion capture data, and retargeted it to the CG characters.
This movie was for a Game Cinematic and Advertised for the Silkroad Online Game of the Joymax Co. in Korea.
Link: http://kr.joymax.com/silkroad/

Mobigate Co.   2005-2006

Position : Animator, Compositor and Modeler

My roles in this company were: animator, modeler, and compositor.
I participated in making a TV animation series named Pang Pang Fighter and some of the commercial film. The TV animation series was an action adventure story about kids doing Kung-Fu; it was a 26 episode TV animation series.
I participated in the trailer (part of my demo reel) and the first three episodes. I mainly participated in the commercial films. At the time, we were lacking team members, so each member had to fill multiple positions and assist each other. My official positions were animator and modeler.

CCR Co. 2004-2005

Position : FX artist for in-game

My role was an FX artist at this company. I made game FX sources by using the game's engine, developed by CCR co.
The game that I participated in is called "RF-Online", one of the most popular games in Korea
http://rfonline.x2game.com/index.asp (link for the game)

Deepictures Co.  2003-2004

Position : 3D Generalist

My role was a 3D Generalist in this company. It was the first company that I worked for in the visual effects field and I was learning as I went. I've worked in several Korean movies and several TV commercial films. My main roles were: modeling, rigging, mapping and camera tracking. I began to gradually understand the process of Visual Effects while working in this company.


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